I live in Minnesota, where I work in web services for higher ed. My current role involves migrating hundreds academic websites from my institution’s proprietary CMS over to a WordPress multi-site, as well as converting paper processes into digital, plugin-driven systems, which became detrimental to our success over the pandemic.

My attention to detail and commitment to clean, accessible content has been crucial; and because I’m perpetually curious, I’ve taken the opportunity to build on my knowledge of HTML and CSS by taking programming courses at my institution (and teaching myself) until I could build projects using JavaScript, React, PHP, Python, and more.

Previously, I worked for years as a 3D animator (both commercial and medical), a news graphics artist, and a stay-at-home-parent. My love of literature and coffee has led to a prolific career of night writing, as well as publications in Rain Taxi and the Sweet Tree Review, and nominations for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize.

Experienced In:

HTML & CSS | JavaScript (VanillaReact.js| Python | Java | Git/GitHub

WordPress | Gravity Forms/Flow | Photoshop | Maya

Digging into:

MERN stack | PHP | SASS | Bootstrap